_Ukraine conflict, Euromaidan 2013/2014
This series of portraits has been shot in Kiev, Ukraine in the first half of January 2014.
I've written more on photographing this conflict here.
All portraits were shot on Mamiya 7, 120mm film.
When I arrived on the Independence Square/ Maidan it was everything I haven't quite imagined or seen in the newspapers. What hit me the most was just the opposite of what had been published until then: the unspectacular, the peacefulness and in fact a certain emptiness of the Independence Square - everything was moving too slowly, there weren’t as many crowds, tourists were walking around taking pictures of each other in front of the barricades.
Having seen the coverage of the clashes at the end of 2013, it felt surreal to see the square becoming a tourist attraction. What surprised me the most were the Disney characters strolling around what I thought would be a battle ground. They had made it their job to be photographed with those visiting Euromaidan. History was being written in the background of these portraits.
With this project I wanted to show the discrepancy between the preconceived ideas of protests and the reality of how a local community functions within and around those protests. Here's the other story of Maidan, the more mundane or perhaps more human one, all that which didn't make the news. I found the spirit on the Maidan to be rather positive and I think it's important to counter the outpour of violent images with images which also tell the truth but perhaps a quieter one.